Talent Management

With our talent products and services we help our clients with their recruitment and development needs.
Depending on the specific needs of today and the future, we hereby formulate advice for internal workers as for future employees.
All the exercises and methods are scientifically substantiated. Our consultants are not only at your service for advice but also investing in knowledge about your organization and needs. In this way we can translate this advices immediately to the workplace.


Does the person have the basic capabilities required for that particular feature or situation ?

  • Verbal capacity research
  • Numeric capacity research
  • Abstract (notional) capacity research
  • Technical capacity research
  • Accounting capacity research


Research on personality and attitudes of the person and the impact of both on behaviors, competencies and results within the organization.

Skills & talents

Research on the competences of the person, which, depending on the purpose, different methods are used.

Assessment Center
Determination of function-specific suitability where a scientifically based simulation methodology is used.

Potential Center
To determine potential towards a new role or growth in responsibility, in a specific function and concrete needs.

Development Center
Determination of potential regarding a new role or growth in responsibility, with an emphasis on personal development in general and to detect talent and growth potential.

Experience Center
Intensive talent development methodology which is simulated within the current function and within the context of your own organization. The employee will be encouraged and challenged by our coach and his supervisor to show us the maximum of his or her skill. The end result is a personal development plan for the employee and a coaching plan for the manager-supervisor.