Soft Search


Thanks to our experience as a recruiting office, we have a large database of screened (and high quality) candidates for various profiles. These are professionals who we follow continuously throughout their careers and they are particularly valuable. This makes us working with a strong and up to date working tool. In addition to our own database, we also feature access to other databases of current job boards.


As a recruitment partner, we have of a strong, proven and extensive network. In this way we have access to chatrooms, professional organizations, federations etc. In addition, we have an extensive network in various sectors and we are very much active in the field of social media.

Our network contains a lot of contacts at various professional associations, networking platforms and semi-professional networks. We also have consultants who have built a strong specialization in various sectors. Their experience ensures that we can fall back here on a widely branched and relevant network. We know ‘our world’ and can therefore be in contact quickly with relevant candidates.

SOFT Search

The technique we use is a 'soft' form of direct search. We initially brief potential candidates about the job and encourage them to view the vacancy. This form of 'soft search' is mainly based on the contacts in our network and relies less on the classical and sometimes assertive form of direct search in which candidates are being called to sell them the job. In this way, candidates are guided professionally and discretely in their search for a new employer.