Recruitment & Selection

A&S Careers focus on building long-term relationships with its customers from a variety of sectors. To establish cooperation focused on confidence and the essentials, A&S Careers knows who or what your organization needs.


While other offices concentrate on quantity in their supply of candidates, A&S Careers is committed by its focus on quality. Using robust tools, A&S succeeds in getting out of a large pool of candidates, the most talented ones. You will be in contact with a relevant selection of candidates, which makes your recruitment process quicker and efficiently.

The high success rate of A&S Careers is based on customization and a unique approach. Every job is different and requires a different approach to achieve quick results. A&S Careers invests in a comprehensive intake and, based on these insights, a tailored approach to your organization. An important part of the philosophy of A&S Careers is offering fast, transparent and relevant procedures. Throughout the recruitment process, the customer is at all times informed of the actions taken and the results. Results and approach are discussed and if necessary adapted.

Regarding recruitment, we have experience with:
• Print Campaigns
• Online Campaigns
• Campus recruitment
• Social media campaigns
• Database search
• Soft search
• Executive search

Considering your time is valuable, we make it a point of honor that all candidates that we propose are thoroughly screened in terms of personality and skills. That way, you can quickly and expertly make a decision and you have significantly more certainty that your training program will remain efficient and the candidate will stay within your company.